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Rorotika Training Services

In the dynamic and fast-paced environment in which our customers operate, it is imperative that their staff competence levels are kept up-to-date with the solutions that we develop for them.
Rorotika Product Lifecycle diagram

We offer a range of standard courses for our products and services, however, training and competence transfer can be customised to specific target audience groups and job profiles in order to ensure a greater assimilation of knowledge. We offer a complete consultative approach to learning where we can identify specific job roles within the customer organisation and identify the skills and training that are required for each role within the organisation. 

Our goal is not only to develop and market a product, but to ensure it’s maximised usage by transferring the appropriate skills and knowledge to staff through our training offerings.

We at Rorotika Technologies view training and documentation as an integral part of the product development lifecycle.

Please contact our training department to request a course catalogue or to discuss your training needs further.

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