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Rorotika Product Support and Maintenance

Rorotika Product Support and Maintenance provides services and support around the implementation, installation, support and operation of the Rorotika-developed applications provided to customers. Our approach uses the Support Pyramid based on four principal inputs: People, Processes, Tools, and World Class Service.

Rorotika Support Pyramid

The goal of our Product Support and Maintenance group is to provide a 24x7x365 personalised customer-focused, proactive service, to establish a relationship of trust and respect. The group achieves this by utilising Telco grade tools and tried-and-tested processes.

Rorotika’s support and integration engineers have industry-recognised, world-class qualifications and receive professional training. The Product Support and Maintenance group has experience and skills in various areas with several equipment vendors including Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, NSN and Alcatel as follows:

  • Radio
  • Core
  • VAS
  • Charging / IN

Rorotika engineers are also highly skilled in the following areas:

  • IT
  • UNIX-based Operating Systems (such as Solaris and Linux)
  • Databases such as Oracle, Postgress, and MySQL

The Product Support and Maintenance group form a hardworking team that are always willing to help and are continually learning and growing in our areas of expertise.

Some of our driving factors include:

  • Efficiency – Utilising available resources efficiently
  • Availability – Being available and able
  • Responsiveness – Being responsive to customer queries and proactively updating the customer on the progress of any issues.

Support Contact Information
Support / Helpline Number: +27-(0)83-592-6070
Support Desk Email Address: