Rorotika NetPM

Rorotika’s NetPM

The Challenge

To remain competitive, operators need to focus on the optimization of the network. Quality of Service (QoS) improvements yield high revenue gains. Having reliable visibility of the network allows operators to rapidly detect and resolve real issues before they become revenue-affecting.

The Solution

NetPM, Rorotika’s performance management solution, provides users with a simple yet powerful web and mobile-based interface to their total network performance data.

NetPM offers the assurance of accurate KPI reporting on complete data sets. Using an internal dynamic query engine, NetPM is new-user friendly, allowing even novice users to navigate reports and build custom queries, without SQL or product-specific knowledge.

Working together with Rorotika’s other SON components, NetPM delivers valuable correlation data. Operators can rapidly pinpoint faults responsible for KPI degradation, minimizing the impact that network faults have on revenue and on the customer experience.

NetPM comes with lightweight hardware and uses open source database technology. Operators can use the simplicity and reliability of this tool, together with reduced overhead expenditure, to create a cost-effective environment for sustained network visibility and control.

NetPM Benefits

  • Vendor and technology agnostic
  • Fully web-based (no desktop installation necessary)
  • Built on stable, proven ETL technology
  • Offers mobile applications for IOS and Android
  • Powerful, easy to navigate reporting interface
  • Fully interactive statistical analysis for custom data requests
  • No SQL or database knowledge required
  • User dashboards
  • Hosted audit option
  • Rapid deployments and remote upgrades
  • Powerful, yet cost effective database technology with PostgreSQL

Rorotika NetPM Flow Diagram