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Rorotika’s NetCM

NetCM is a multi-vendor/multi-technology cellular configuration management, network auditing and troubleshooting solution. The solution contains the necessary tools that operators require for daily RAN, BSS and Core Management.

The below diagram shows the flow of NetCM:

Rorotika NetCM flow

NetCM Enterprise comprises four components, NetRAN(Radio Management), NetCore(Core Management), NetDiscover( Inventory Management) and NetPM (Performance Management).

NetRan and NetCore

The key features of NetRAN and NetCore include:

  • Automated and direct connectivity to network nodes
  • Updated snapshots of “Live” and “Planned” configuration
  • Network auditing and change history management
  • Inconsistency and status reporting for network elements
  • Parameter management on Radio, Core and BSS
  • Physical and logical grouping of network elements
  • Cluster-level optimization of parameters
  • Comparison of an operator’s default and group-level network parameter policies with the existing live network
  • Discrepancy analysis between “Planned” and “Live” network settings
  • Rollout/removal of one or many new network elements and re-homing of existing elements
  • Planned activities such as LAC splits, frequency plans, neighbour management
  • GIS mapping of network elements
  • Generating parameter, neighbour and entire site data transcripts to implement desired changes into the network.
  • Historical trending
  • Ability to compare good and poorly performing elements in the network
  • User and admin-configurable dashboards
  • Graphical representation of reports and network data
  • Ability to automatically resolve network issues and email reports
  • Graphical representation of B-Number analysis and pre-analysis
  • Direct connectivity to Core network nodes : MSC, HLR, STP, MGW, SGSN, GGSN
  • AXE and Core node parameter management
Rorotika NetDiscover logo


NetDiscover is the Inventory Management component of NetCM and key features include:

  • Connects to live network and interrogates installed hardware on network elements for serial numbers, cabinets, boards, sub-racks etc.
  • Automated reporting on assets with no human intervention required
  • Tracking of hardware commissioning and de-commissioning in the network
  • Tracking of hardware movement in the network
  • Automatic tracking of network growth Allows networks to independently verify vendors roll out figures
  • API to asset register data can be used to populate asset registers such as FAR

Customer Testimonials

NetCM enables us to consolidate all BSS / Core Vendors and technologies under a single platform. Within 3 months of deployment, we noticed a significant improvement in all our working practices”

– Sidney Arnold: GM Network Operations MTN SA

NetCore allows for daily NSS tasks to be performed without forcing changes in our processes as well as enabling seamless inter-departmental interaction”

- Adrian Pelsar: Manager DCG MTN SA

NetRan has been an invaluable system to effectively and efficiently manage configurations in our network”

- Ajeeth Rampall: Radio Planning & Optimisation Regional Mgr Vodacom SA

News and Feature Updates

For news about new features and updates to Rorotika’s NetCM product, read our NetCM Newsletters.