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The Rorotika team boasts a vast cumulative knowledge of the radio environment, and solid practical experience in running GSM and UMTS networks, affording them an in-depth understanding of the requirements, from a tool set point of view, to improve work efficiencies and create intelligent solutions that can drive automation.

Our products include the unique multi-vendor, multi-technology Rorotika NetCM, Rorotika SON products, ANR and AFP, a remote SIM Swap application, and the new and exciting Rorotika Mobile gaming platform.

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Rorotika NetCM

NetCM is a multi-vendor/multi-technology cellular configuration management, network auditing and troubleshooting solution. The solution contains the necessary tools that operators require for daily RAN, BSS and Core Management. NetCM comprises NetRAN (Radio Management), NetCore (Core Management), NetDiscover (Inventory Management) and NetPM (Performance Management).

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Rorotika SON products

Rorotika has identified two keys areas where Mobile Operators can use SON services to improve network quality. Rorotika’s ANR offers automated neighbour planning, while the AFP product offers automated frequency planning.

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Rorotika Remote SIM Swap

SIM Swap is an application which performs a traditional SIM swap as we know it, using a USSD push message from the mobile phone of an authorized remote field agent

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Rorotika Mobile Gaming Platform

Rorotika Mobile Gaming Platform

The Rorotika Mobile Gaming Platform offers fun, interactive gaming that unlocks previously dormant revenue generators, enhances brand value and reduces churn.

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