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Rorotika SIM Swap

SIM Swap is an application which performs a traditional SIM swap as we know it, using a USSD push message from the mobile phone of an authorized remote field agent

The Challenge

Rorotika observed a problematic situation in Africa where many remote subscribers were unable to perform SIM swaps due to their distance from customer service centres. Many third world countries do not have customer service centres in all locations, making it expensive and cumbersome for subscribers from rural areas to gain access to simple services like a SIM Swap.

Subscribers tend to churn or buy new SIM packs just to get back onto the network quickly, rather than travelling long distances just to get a SIM Swap. This tendency leads to numerous problems for both operator and subscriber. It leads to:

  • Operators having extra MSISDN fees
  • Operator’s reality of base being disturbed
  • Increase in operator churn
  • Subscribers being without services for an extended period, resulting in loss of revenue to the operator and inconvenience to the subscriber
  • Subscribers being unable to keep their old number
  • Subscribers losing loyalty points and other personalised SIM features when they acquire a new SIM.

The Solution

Having recognised this problematic scenario, Rorotika proceeded to develop an application, SIM Swap, that allows operators to facilitate remote SIM Swaps quickly and easily, from the handset of a local field agent, thereby making a SIM Swap service accessible to subscribers in rural areas.

Rorotika’s SIM Swap solution uses USSD push messages to authenticate and authorise SIM Swaps for subscribers from the mobile handset of an operator’s field agent. Since all legacy mobile phones support USSD functionality, the SIM Swap technology is accessible to almost anyone who owns a mobile phone, be it the latest smart phone or a legacy mobile phone.

Benefits of Rorotika’s SIM Swap

Three large African operators are already running the Rorotika SIM Swap solution in their operations to facilitate performing of remote SIM Swaps by local field agents.

Rorotika has observed a reduction in churn figures. Operators also save on MSISDN fees, on network licensing fees, and on SIM pack cost savings. There is also a saving in labour time as with Rorotika’s SIM Swap solution, it takes less than 3 minutes to complete a remote SIM Swap.

The main benefit of the remote SIM Swap solution is enabling subscribers to quickly get back onto the network and using their phones to make calls. This provides the benefit of call completion, improving the revenue of the operator.

In addition, it improves the subscriber’s perception of the operator’s efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction and improving operator loyalty.

Since the only requirement to complete a remote SIM Swap with Rorotika’s SIM Swap solution is mobile network coverage, there are also savings in internet usage expenses and landline calls usually made with general SIM Swap methods.

In summary, the SIM Swap solution:

  • Reduces churn
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Eases Customer Services workload
  • Minimises revenue loss when customers are not connected to the network
  • Facilitates rapid adoption of new services requiring special SIM functionality

Rorotika’s SIM Swap as shortlisted for the Africa Com 2012 Rural Telecoms Award.

Rorotika shortlisted for Africa Com 2012 Rural Telecoms Award

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