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Rorotika Partners

Rorotika Technologies has established strategic partnerships with Digitata Limited, MeMe Mobile and GLOVent Solutions.

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Rorotika formed a strategic partnership with Digitata Limited in 2008 to develop, supply and deliver a revolutionary product, the Dynamic Tariffing™ System (DTS).

Digitata is a privately-held multinational technology company with a strong mobile telecommunications and revenue management background.

Dynamic Tariffing System (DTS), also known as Dynamic Pricing or Dynamic Discounting, is an innovation in mobile network revenue management that enables the operator and its subscribers to establish a relationship that can be varied in near real time to the benefit of both.

On behalf of Digitata, Rorotika offers a complete set of professional services relating to dynamic tariffing, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support, integration, documentation and training, and technical and business consulting.


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Rorotika is the software development partner for MeMe Mobile.

MeMe Mobile, a subsidiary of Digitata Limited, offers an innovative media solution that presents advertisers’ customized brand marketing messages to mobile subscribers on their mobile devices, targeting the consumer based on demographic, location and other value criteria.


Link to Rorotika partner Glovent
GLOVent Solutions, now a subsidiary of Rorotika Technologies, is a vibrant technology company that has been offering management and communication solutions to residential communities for more than 6 years.

Communities throughout South Africa use the GLOVent products and services, which touch the lives of more than 20,000 people.