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Rorotika Mobile’s gamification platform is used by Mobile Operators and Brands to unlock revenue and engage deeply with their customers in emerging markets!”

The new Rorotika Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of Rorotika Technologies (Pty) Ltd., is our gamification wing and allows both Mobile Operators and Brands to unlock revenue and engage deeply with their customers in emerging markets.

For mobile operators, Rorotika Mobile unlocks revenue opportunities by using the USSD bearer to create a mobile, multiplayer, highly engaging and ubiquitous “gaming arcade in their subscribers’ pocket”. Rorotika Mobile is already working closely with a large South African mobile operator, offering a catalogue of classic, multiplayer and social games.

For advertisers, Rorotika Mobile’s gamification incorporates fun and competition into their mobile marketing campaigns to create an emotional connection with their audience which leads to a longer relationship. The new entity is already working with Digitata Limited and has created a Trivia-style game to educate subscribers about the Digitata Dynamic Tariffing product. This game aims to educate subscribers and reward them for their product knowledge. Other games in development for Digitata include “Discount Grab” and “Discount 100”.

Rorotika Mobile also designs and develops custom or themed-based games. Examples include KnowMeKnowYou brought out in time for Valentine’s Day 2014, Easter Island Egg Hunt that went live in time for some Easter Weekend fun, and Heritage Quest that was released to coincide with South African Heritage day.

The success of this unique gaming concept lies in the fact that it:

  • Is available in the most rural of areas
  • Is accessible from the most basic feature phones to the smartest smartphones
  • Offers value for money to mobile subscribers
  • Has no complicated technological barrier-to-entry for subscribers

For more information, visit the Rorotika Mobile website:

Visit the Rorotika Mobile website

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