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Rorotika Development Services

Development Principles

Rorotika strives towards excellence by embracing credible, industry-proven technology. The team focuses on popular, open-source tools and libraries for development, resulting in reliable and stable software products.  

The Agile software development paradigm is followed, where the rapid turnaround of quality software is our main driver. Daily discussions between developers allow cross pollination of ideas and techniques which can then be applied to the betterment of all our products. 

In addition, regular demonstrations of new and exciting technologies allow ageing technology to be identified and subsequently replaced by improved technology to the benefit of our customers.

A culture of code ownership, regular code reviews and mutual respect provides an environment where feature-rich software is produced. 

Unit, functional and integration testing are considered critical and are applied during all the stages of the software development process to further enhance the quality and predictability of our software. 

The principles that we apply make us truly proud of the products we deliver and the culture of continuous learning allows new trends and technologies to be identified early, steering our products towards new heights.