Rorotika NetCM Newsletter banner 12 June 2012, V2.0.0.3
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Netcm new features and enhancements

Global Dashboard:

allows the user to view common reports across different networks. This ensures attention is focused it shows high value reports split per KPI pods..

iPad Support:

The GIS is now available on iPad.

Rorotika NetCM GIS now available on Ipad

Download the app directly from Netcm Installation


Aesthetic enhancements .

Hovering over a report should now display the name of the report.

Double clicking on a row within a report displays a grid with the row contents vertically.

A tooltip is displayed when hovering over the column. The columns if re-sized wrap the text into multiple rows as well.

Node Connector:

Search and replace (crtl r) has been added to the Command Executor.

Search (ctrl f) has been added to the Response output screen.

Performance improvements loading the tree.

It is now possible to hide Node connection details as well as NodeB's using the new toggle buttons.

Blade clusters are now supported.


The GIS now displays distances between cells and their neighbours for neighbour reports.

Rorotika NetCM GIS neighbour report

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