Rorotika NetCM Newsletter Banner 10 January 2014, V2.2.0
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Netcm new features and enhancements

Improvements to imports

Import functionality has been refactored to increase stability and speed.

Alcatel imports and reports

NetCM now also supports Alcatel imports and reporting on these.

New module: Parameter Manager

A new module, the Parameter Manager, has been added, offering the ability to view and configure parameters, their values and descriptions. The Parameter Manager module also offers import and export functionality.

Rorotika NetCM Parameter Manager

Upgrades to the NetCM Site Manager

New functionality has been added to the NetCM Site Manager module to perform Site/Node B builds, to add sectors, and to add cabinets.

Rorotika NetCM Site Manager - Add CELL

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Rorotika NetCM Newsletter Banner
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