Rorotika NetCM Newsletter Banner 12 April 2013, V2.1.4.0
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Netcm new features and enhancements

Support added for Ericsson SGSN nodes.

Improved Import processes to load and retrieve data faster.

Advanced Node Connector

Multiple windows can be opened and tiled.

 Rorotika NetCM Advanced Node Connector GUI

Node Connector

New feature - MML script execution.

MML scripts can be loaded and run against many nodes contained in the script.

Rorotika NetCM MML Script GUI


Additional reports added for Alarms.

Reports can now be emailed in PDF as well as Excel formats. Configurable from the Adminstrator module.

The format of the emailed reports now includes graphs to display the changes in the report counts over a time frame.

New reports added:

•NSS Reports

Serial Number Reports

BC CPU Serial number

HLR Board Serial Numbers

HLR CPU Serial Numbers

MGW Board Serial Numbers

MSC Board Serial Numbers

MSC CPU Serial Numbers

STP Board Serial Numbers

STP CPU Serial Numbers

•Ericsson GSM

o Edge Reports

Cells with zero EDGE BPCs

Cell Channel Groups configured with zero EDGE BPCs

Edge BPC's per Cell Value changes in the last week (audit type report indicates if there were upgrades / downgrades done in the last week)

NON EDGE Capable TRX's (RBS 2202)

o Serial Number reports

BSC Board Serial Numbers

BSC CPU Serial Numbers

DXU Equipment Serial Numbers

TRX Equipment Serial Numbers

• Ericsson UMTS

o IP QOS Reports

6 reports under this category, with the most key being the NodeB IP QOS - Summary Report which shows a complete summary overview of all the issues against sites. Users can drill-down from this summary report to the relevant report to resolve the issues. These reports are also listed on the Consistency Analyser as a Health Check on the Quality of Service per Site.

NodeB IP QOS - Summary Report

DSCP - Pbit settings

IP Oam - DSCP setting

NBAP - DSCP Setting

NTP - DSCP Setting

Pbit Queue Map for RBS3200

Nobe B CV differences (shows the differences in CV for Executing, Last Created, Loaded and Startable cases)

• Huawei GSM

o Alarms

Configuration Current Alarms Issue

Hardware Current Alarms Issue

Radio Current Alarms Issue

Transmission Current Alarms Issue

o Edge Reports

Cells Without EDGE Support

Dynamic PDCH Coversion Based on Subcell

Edge Changes made Last week (audit type report to show downgrades similar to the Ericsson case)

EDGE Channels Missing

IP Sites Edge Report

o Abis over IP Reports

5 reports under this category. Again, the Summary Report gives an overview of issues on sites. Users use this to drill-down to the other reports to resolve issues

IP Summary Report_Nodeb Level

DIFPRI_Nodeb Level

Extra IP Path Setting_Nodeb Level

Extra Path VLAN Class_Nodeb Level

IP Path Setting_Nodeb Level

User Data Service Priority_Nodeb Level

VLAN MAP_Nodeb Level

Wrong VLAN Priority_Nodeb Level

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