About Rorotika Technologies

About Rorotika

Rorotika Technologies (Pty) Ltd. is a South African based company. It was formed in 2006 by a group of individuals with strong mobile telecommunications backgrounds in both operational and product development areas. Rorotika focuses on developing innovative network-based solutions that help mobile network operators achieve significant improvements in key business performance indicators. In this area, the company specialises in creatively combining socio-economic principles with deep network and business knowledge to design novel products.Rorotika does development for its own product range (in the arena of Self Organising Network (SON) solutions and configuration management), as well as for its partner companies, Digitata and Tranwall Limited.

Rorotika Product Development

Rorotika’s product development draws upon specialised knowledge in numerous disciplines, including:

  • Mobile radio and core network design and network optimisation
  • Charging system expertise
  • Messaging (USSD and SMS)
  • Signalling and protocols
  • Data analytics, including Call Record Processing
  • Computational intelligence (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Web applications
  • Mobile phone (smart phone) applications
  • Database Applications
  • Business modelling

The company is committed to developing innovative, quality products and services for their customers.

Rorotika Incubation

Rorotika has also positioned itself as an incubation company that serves as a development house, taking entrepreneurs and small businesses through a sound product life cycle, and offering a range of services to support them on the road from innovation to implementation.Rorotika has an entrepreneurial, creative and innovative spirit. The organisation is flexible, adaptable and intuitive in its interactions with its partners and customers. Rorotika’s products and services provide the customer with a strategic advantage.The Rorotika team has specialist competencies in:

  • Telecommunication network design, management and support
  • Value Added Systems BI
  • Software development
  • Systems Integration
  • Ericsson, Alcatel, Huawei, NSN core and radio networks
  • Call data processing
  • Network performance management
  • Financial modeling of telecommunication networks
  • Managed services
  • Management of multi-vendor networks
  • System dynamics (control) and mathematical modelling
  • Economics and customer behaviour analysis

Rorotika Product Support

Rorotika also has vast experience in deploying, operating and providing systems support in emerging markets. Applications developed by Rorotika are deployed in over 20 operators, in more than 16 countries

The company is committed to developing innovative, quality products and providing excellent services for their customers.